I Created A Monster…Alien…or something


Halloween 2012. I have no idea what character I was going for. All I know was that there’s a leftover sparkly, gold-colored bowler’s hat from last year Christmas Party and some gold and silver, tacky fringe-like trimmings at home that I wanted to use as a mask. It was quite easy to make except I cut one eyehole larger than the other and covered it with a silver snowflake. I couldn’t breathe when I first tried it on and had to slice a wider hole this time for the mouth and nose.  I was far from being scary. In fact, I looked silly walking around in black cloth and trying to spook everyone else while feeling envious of those who really made a career out of their costumes. But that’s alright. It was in on it for the fun.


I won the top prize, by the way.

All Purpose

Teletubby 1: Grabe yung nangyari kay Robin Williams, no?

Teletubby 2: Ay oo. Grabe.

Teletubby 1: Ganun din yung nangyari sa anak ni Rick Warren. Si Rick Warren gud, Lay?

Teletubby 3: Yung classmate mo?

Teletubby 1: Oo…ay, hinde! Yung anak niya na nag-suicide rin?

Teletubby 2: Ahh…yung writer nung ano…ano nga ba yon? All Purpose Driven Life?

Teletubby 1: Oo…ay, hinde…anong “ALL PURPOSE…”?!

BF sit-ups…and it’s not “Boyfriend”

Twenty Butterfly Sit-ups! I have never done Butterfly Sit-ups before because by the looks of it – I surmised it might just kill me. So you can imagine how mortified I was when it’s time to do the deed.

Surprisingly (at dahil na rin nadyahe ako sa mga 50+ years old women doing the sit-ups na walang ka-effort effort), I managed to pull it off din naman: “12…13…14..” Okay pa.

Pucha…Pang ilan na ba? Ang sakit na ng abs ko!


Hiyaa! 15!
Uuugh! 16!
Uugggh! 17!
Aaarghh 18!
Looord!! 19!!!)

Naman! The most handsome coach sa gym is approaching me. Nakangiti pa man din si pogi. “Maám! Pang-ilan na?” tanong niya. Nanlaki ang mga mata ko at buong puwersa ko inangat ang naninigas kong katawan.


*UUUGHH* Tigok.