Filipinos loved, loved whole roasted pork and any special occasion is deemed incomplete without an entire pig roasting in an open pit near the buffet table. Nowadays, an entire roasted pig can fetch as high as  $140 and probably half the price for a suckling pig. With the proliferation of cooking channels and lifestyle television, the concept of cooking pork ala porchetta (deboned and rolled pork belly) is fast becoming popular. Although it is smaller, you get to eat the entire thing with no parts wasted like bones and ears. It is tastier too because the spices are spread all over the belly prior to rolling and roasting. Each slice comes with an equal part of crispy skin and salty, spicy moist meat and for a group of 15 to 20 people, I say, this is a good deal. Nobody gets shortchanged.

Dulce Tres Leches


My friend’s sister is an avid baker. For our college reunion, she made “Dulce Tres Leches”-coated sponge cake (not sure if “icing” is the appropriate term) which she prepared from scratch by steaming an unopened can of condensed milk for several hours and storing it in the fridge for 3 months. This process thickens the condensed milk into a candy-like consistency and makes a sticky binder for milk #2 – the full, thick cream, and milk #3  which is evaporated milk.  The rest of the thickened condensed milk was artfully swirled on top of the lemony sponge cake like a caramel glaze. It has to be chilled before serving but I think soaking the cake with the melted cream was just as sinfully divine.