I bought this Adidas gym bag for $1.50 in a second-hand store a dozen years ago. I’ve been using it everyday and needless to say, it has seen better days and is fast-approaching retirement. A tear on the zipper line has surfaced and its front label has faded to oblivion. I’ve been looking for similar ones but sadly, none could compare the durability of materials used for this earlier version. Either the canvas was too thin or the stitches too frail to withstand frequent stashing and mashing in gym lockers. Until I can find a good replacement, this one will have to stretch its service several miles more.



My Denmark-based friend was asking me what I would like her to bring me when she comes home for vacation. I replied “SOAP”. She easily thought of body wash and shower gels and I was quick to correct her. “BATH SOAP”. “SOAP BARS”. French-milled if you have. Organic – better. Artisan soaps – loved those, too. I am a soap hoarder and I just can’t get enough of it. I need therapy.