Pac-Man Stole My Thunder


I am not a boxing fanatic. My world does not stop whenever one of our own is inside the ring defending his world boxing title. When the news came out that Manny Pacquiao has conceded to Floyd Mayweather’s terms for a title bout – I was less than ecstatic. All that money talk and trash talkin’…really? And on my birthday too? Finally the day of the fight came and as expected, majority of in-the-know greeted me “happy birthday” a day in advance – less they want me to accuse them of forgetting me on my birthday. Haha – it’s fine. No problem. I shouldn’t really care. After all, age is just a number and youth is just a state of mind. So here comes Pacman, defying aging with a lifetime of rigid training and healthy regimen of diet and spiritual enrichment for a good measure of balance. Has his fame got into his head? A bit misguided but you know what, he seems to take everything with a grain of salt. Win or lose. He’s fought with the best of them, the toughest fighters. I’ve never seen or knew him threw a fit or power trip. Losing to Mayweather on what was dubbed as the Fight of the Century? Wow, he was undoubtedly  the epitome of grace under pressure. Ever-humble. Sometimes gullible…well he’s got flaws, okay? But… but I get him, I totally get him. So…he may have stolen my thunder today but I am still honored to share the limelight with him.