Me: Nice shades. Those aviator shades looks great on you.

Him: Really? Hmm…No one has ever made a comment on it before but thank you.

Me: No, really? Frames your face well.

Him: Guess I just couldn’t see it for myself…

Me: Well, you may have to take off your dark shades to see for yourself.

That was more than a month ago and now I just want to stand under the trees with my eyes closed and feel the wind kiss my cheeks.



My brother and his band mates are office workers by day and musicians by night. They play 80s and 90s music (think Spandau Ballet, Tears for Fears, U2 and A-HA) and are constantly asked to play in High School and College reunions. Last Friday the guitarist invited me to accompany his wife while they play in his High School fundraising event/reunion.  I graduated from a different school and didn’t realize that it was actually a private party until someone asked my companion what section I was in High School because I was pretty chummy with the vocalist, the lead guitar, the “manager”, a couple of roadies, and six other people on the table who are current officers of that school. I should have just pretended that I was an unpopular wallflower back in high school and kept them wondering all night.



While looking for a place to recap the events which unfolded in our lives for the past couple of months, my friend and I stumbled upon an old house converted into a coffee shop with a function room. Establishments like these have been sprouting like mushrooms in the past decade and each one upstaging the other. This time however it wasn’t the coffee that made this shop stood out on my list – it was the water temperature. Served in a certain degree of “hotness” I was able to enjoy the coffee without scalding my tongue.

Weave & Coffee



The newly-opened Habi at Kape (Weave and Coffee) at the third floor of Abreeza Mall, Davao has been my go-to place to rest my feet from incessant, aimless window-shopping. On my second visit I tried the pancit lug-lug and cucumber and lime juice and I was surprised at how delicious and affordable my dinner was considering the place looks kind of meticulously decorated to entice upscale clienteles on a mid-scale setting (read – open café).